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We are a restaurant group that specializes in importing the most on-trend American dining concepts to Taiwan. Our American upbringing, coupled with our deep understanding of Taiwanese culture, allows us to successfully localize our concepts without losing any of the authenticity that we pride ourselves on. 

We love Taiwan, but more specifically, we love Taipei. This is where our families are from. We are blessed to be able to serve this city. Beyond introducing exciting new dining concepts, we are also proud that we have been able to provide jobs and other opportunities in order to contribute to the growth of the local economy.

Since 2014, Daddy’s Dining Group has successfully filled the “casual family dining” space in Taipei & has become a recognizable household name.


我們是一家專注於將最流行的美式餐飲文化引進台灣的餐飲集團。 我們在美國的成長經歷加上對台灣文化的深刻理解,使我們能夠成功地將美式料理的口味本土化,同時又不失我們引以為傲的美式風格。 自2014年起,老爹餐飲集團成功填補了台北的“休閒家庭餐飲”空間,成為家喻戶曉的名字。

Parkson Shih


James Mao


Eric Shih


Young Kim

North America/Partner

Wilber Lin

Corporate Chef/Partner

Swag Tsai

Director of Mixology